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Keywords : D. Effect of the lipid regulator Gemfibrozil in the Cladocera Daphnia magna at different temperatures. In the present study, an ecotoxicological approach to the evaluation of Gemfibrozil GEM as an emerging organic pollutant was done.

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In order to assess its toxicity, tests were conducted using the cladocera Daphnia magna. Test concentrations of 0. Subacute short-term test feeding study was assessed after exposure to the toxicant. Filtration and ingestion rates of D. Therefore, GEM test concentrations used in the present study did not reduce feeding behavior in D. Other parameters as longevity were not affected.

The GEM concentrations used in the chronic test with D. Finally, a significant decreased in cholesterol levels was found in those animals exposed to the highest toxicant concentrations. More studies must be done to determine the possible implications of GEM in aquatic fauna and to derive its possible effects on the environment.

Comparative toxicity of leachates from 52 textiles to Daphnia magna. The environmental aspects of textiles are very complex and include production, processing, transport, usage, and recycling. Textiles are made from a variety of materials and can contain a large number of chemicals. Chemicals are used during production of fibres, for preservation and colouring and they are released during normal wear and during washing.

The aim of this study was to investigate the release to water of toxic chemicals from various textiles. Altogether 52 samples of textiles made from cotton 21 , linen 4 , cotton and linen 7 , cellulose 3 , synthetic fibres 7 , cotton and synthetic fibres 8 and wool 2.

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Seven were eco-labelled. Eco-labelled products were evenly distributed on a toxicity scale, which means that eco-labelling in its present form does not necessarily protect users or the environment from exposure to toxic chemicals. Therefore, the results from the present study suggest that bioassays and toxicity tests should become an integrated part of textile environmental quality control programs. Breast abscess due to Finegoldia magna in a non-puerperal women.

Che dovrei dire al mio dottore prima che prendi questo medicamento?

Finegoldia magna is a Gram-positive anaerobic coccus involved in a wide variety of infections. We report a unusual case of breast abscess in a non-puerperal patient. A year-old woman presented with pain and a nodular lesion in the left breast. Culture of abscess drainage resulted in isolation of F. Initial treatment with clindamycin was changed to a definitive treatment with amoxicillin-clavulanate for 10 days due to resistance to clindamycin, and improvement of this infection was documented.

Prezzo competitivo clorochina fosfato, cas n.: 50-63-5

Older animals thus were as sensitive to pirimicarb as newborn animals. In an experiment with sediment included in the test system, all mother animals survived Accumulation in the sediment was found independent of the water concentration used. This was also the case with bioaccumulation in Daphnia magna , where a bioaccumulation factor of was found on a dry weight basis Free ionic nickel accumulation and localization in the freshwater zooplankter, Daphnia magna.

The processes which lead to the accumulation of free ionic nickel radioactive from solution by Daphnia magna were studied and incorporated into a model which describes accummulation at different concentrations. Adsorption proved to be a relatively small component of nickel accummulation. The accummulation rate eventually approached zero, which represented an equilibrium between uptake and loss of nickel.

However, elimination experiments did reveal a pool of relatively static nickel. The appearance and distribution of nickel within five body parts body fluid, carapace, gut, filtering appendages, and eggs of D. It was built at the command of Emperor Hadrian in the early 2nd century CE; they represent some of the most lavish structures of Leptis Magna. It is unique in design and building technique. It was built of limestone, marble and brick. This paper mainly describes the deterioration of marble. The marble in the monuments can be classified into several types, based on its color, texture, chemical composi Lezioni di fisica teorica.

Richiami di meccanica analitica ; richiami di termodinamica ; richiami di elettromagnetismo ; appunti sulla teoria della relatività ; la non validità delle teorie classiche nel mondo microscopico ; la meccanica atomica di Bohr e Sommerfeld ; I fondamenti della meccanica quantistica ; applicazioni nell'equazione di Schroedinger ; meccanica quantistica dei sistemi l'atomo di idrogeno ; particella in un campo elettrico e magnetico ; il calcolo delle perturbazioni nella teoria quantistica ; teoria dell'emissione e dell'assorbimento della luce ; sistemi di particelle identiche ; il legame chimico omopolare nella molecola di idrogeno ; la teoria di Dirac.

Ecotoxicological effect of ketamine: Evidence of acute, chronic and photolysis toxicity to Daphnia magna.

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Ketamine has been increasingly used in medicine and has the potential for abuse or illicit use around the world. Ketamine cannot be removed by conventional wastewater treatment plants. Although ketamine and its metabolite norketamine have been detected to a significant degree in effluents and aquatic environments, their ecotoxicity effects in aquatic organisms remain undefined. Multiple environmental scenarios were also evaluated, including drug mixtures and sunlight irradiation toxicity. Ketamine and norketamine caused acute toxicity to D. A new photolysis byproduct M. The relevant environmental concentration of ketamine produced significant reproductive toxicity effects in D.

Genetic variation in the cellular response of Daphnia magna Crustacea: Cladocera to its bacterial parasite. Linking measures of immune function with infection, and ultimately, host and parasite fitness is a major goal in the field of ecological immunology. In this study, we tested for the presence and timing of a cellular immune response in the crustacean Daphnia magna following exposure to its sterilizing endoparasite Pasteuria ramosa.

We found that D.

Aralen generique aralen - Producent Kabin Prysznicowych - Signika

Daphnia magna mounts a strong cellular response of the amoeboid cells just a few hours after parasite exposure. We further tested for, and found, considerable genetic variation for the magnitude of this cellular response. These data fostered a heuristic model of resistance in this naturally coevolving host-parasite interaction. Specifically, the strongest cellular responses were found in the most susceptible hosts, indicating resistance is not always borne from a response that destroys invading parasites, but rather stems from mechanisms that prevent their initial entry.

Thus, D. Full Text Available Aspartame in conjunction with alcohol has been shown to increase the blood alcohol level in humans faster than alcohol and sucrose Wu et al. To determine the potential effects of various mixtures of ethanol and aspartame on the nervous system, the heart rate of Daphnia magna D. The heart rate was chosen as a representative measure since it is controlled by the nervous system and the heart rate of D. A significant increase in heart rate was observed for all mixed assays compared to both control and ethanol, but not to aspartame.

The data suggests that the aspartame and alcohol mixture have a greater effect on D. We propose that alcohol in combination with aspartame has potentially detrimental consequences for the nervous system. Population structure and dispersal routes of an invasive parasite, Fascioloides magna , in North America and Europe.

Juhasova, L. The research presented here resulted in EC50 and LOEC values for the contaminants copper, cadmium, diazinon, atrazine, and cyanide to the species Lemna Minor, Pimephales promelas, Daphnia magna , and Ceriodaphnia dubia. Observed values were used as benchmarks for assessing the se Food mediated life history strategies in Daphnia magna : their relevance to ecotoxicological evaluations. The waterflea Daphnia magna is a widely used test organism in ecotoxicological studies.

Acute and chronic laboratory tests yield basic information for the development of water quality standards, assessment of potential hazards of new chemicals, waste water licences and. Trophic transfer of differently functionalized zinc oxide nanoparticles from crustaceans Daphnia magna to zebrafish Danio rerio. Greek perceptions of frontier in Magna Graecia: literature and archaeology in dialogue. Full Text Available The paper deals with Greek perceptions of frontier in Magna Graecia, from a historical archaeological, contextual standpoint.

Considering the complex relationship between literary and archaeological evidence, the paper uses as a case study the frontier in Southern Italy, discussing the subjective frontier perceptions by Greeks and Natives in interaction. Storie di genere, storie di partito. Full Text Available Lo studio delle narrazioni di genere all'interno di questo tipo di organizzazione desta inoltre un particolare interesse anche in ragione della sottorappresentazione delle donne nella sfera della politica.

Si tratta di un deficit democratico che coinvolge i sistemi politici moderni nel loro complesso, ma che interessa l'Italia con una particolare gravità ed evidenza. La questione della sottorappresentazione politica delle donne è stata sinora affrontata prevalentemente in termini tecnico-legali politiche di pari opportunità ed azione positiva, o di teoria politica la dicotomia pubblico-maschile e privato-femminile come fondamento del contratto sessuale della politica. Mancano invece contributi che guardino ai partiti come organizzazioni largamente responsabili dei processi di selezione e promozione delle carriere politiche, dunque come luoghi di quotidiana produzione di pratiche e culture di genere, più o meno egualitarie o, viceversa, discriminatorie.

Sulla base di tale vuoto di ricerca e riflessione, il presente articolo si propone di mettere in luce le pratiche e le culture di genere che emergono dai racconti di uomini e donne all'interno di due organizzazioni partitiche, una di destra e una di sinistra, situate nel contesto territoriale della provincia di Trento. La ricerca è stata condotta attraverso lo strumento dell'intervista semi-strutturata, coinvolgendo quattro donne e quattro uomini, divisi per coppie di età un uomo ed una donna giovani ed un uomo ed una donna da lungo presenti nel partito, accostabili per quanto concerne ruolo e posizione nelle organizzazioni partitiche considerate.

Un'ulteriore dimensione analitica. Diffusosi a partire dal XVII, il Grand Tour era inteso come quel lungo viaggio nell'Europa continentale effettuato dai ricchi giovani dell'aristocrazia britannica e destinato a perfezionare la loro educazione con partenza ed arrivo in una medesima città. Questo viaggio poteva durare dai pochi mesi fino a 8 anni.

Le destinazioni principali erano la Francia, l'Olanda, la Germania, ma aveva come obiettivo privilegiato l'Italia e Roma, e di norma includeva le tappe di Venezia, Firenze, Bologna, Pisa e Napoli.

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  • Durante il Tour, i giovani imparavano a conoscere la politica, la cultura, l'arte e le antichità dei paesi europei. Passavano il loro tempo facendo giri turistici, studiando e facendo acquisti. L'Italia con la sua eredità della Roma antica, con i suoi monumenti, divenne uno dei posti più popolari da visitare. Protein profiling as early detection biomarkers for TiO2 nanoparticle toxicity in Daphnia magna. The mode of action for nanoparticle NP toxicity in aquatic organisms is not yet fully understood.

    In this work, a strategy other than toxicity testing was applied to Daphnia magna exposed to TiO 2 -NPs: the use of nuclear microscopy and the assessment of protein profile. Titanium Ti was found in the D. The penetration of Ti into the epithelial region was greater at higher exposure levels and also observed in eggs in the brood pouch. The protein profile of individuals exposed to different concentrations showed that 2. These results indicate that Vtg-like proteins are up-regulated in D. Vitellogenesis is associated with the reproduction system, suggesting that TiO 2 -NP exposure can impair reproduction by affecting this process.

    The precise mode of action of TiO 2 -NPs is still unclear and the results from this study are a first attempt to identify specific proteins as potential markers of TiO 2 -NP toxicity in D.